Backup your email subscribers so that you'll never lose them again

Stomp lets you backup all of your email subscribers and save them to google sheets with a single click

What is Stomp?

Have you ever lost your email subscribers because you were too lazy to back them up or the process of backing them up was too long?

If yes, Stomp is the right tool for you! Stomp backs up your email subscribers from multiple email marketing platforms and stores them in google sheets. All with a click of a button!

Don't Email Marketing Platforms backup my Emails?

Yes, you guessed it right! They do back up your emails. But, not in the way you want them to! They let you download all your data in a zip file and give it to you. It will be your responsibility to keep it safe and you'd have to do it every time if you want to update your data. Now, guess what? Stomp automates this process for you!

The Features

Connect to Email Marketing Platforms

Stomp can connect to an email marketing platform like MailChimp and sync all your email lists so that you don't have to do it manually.

Automatic Backup once in 3 days.

Whether you click on the backup button or not, stomp backs them up once in three days. So, you don't have to worry about backing them up anymore.

Backup 4,000 emails for Free

Yes, you read it right! Stomp will backup your first 4,000 emails for free. Seriously, no jokes!

Platform Integration

Currently stomp only supports MailChimp and Google Sheets because this was built in a week. But don't worry there will be more integrations soon.

Read more about the process of building Stomp on my medium post. I bet you'll like it!

The Pricing

The Stomp


Free forever

  • Unlimited list Imports
  • 4000 free email backups
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Export CSV

The Mega Stomp

(Small Busineses)

$4 / month

  • Unlimited list Imports
  • 20,000 email backups
  • 5 Integrations
  • Export in Multiple formats

The Stomp Supreme


$199 / month

  • Unlimited list Imports
  • Unlimited email backups
  • Many Integrations
  • and a lot more

Hi, my name is Stomp. Come join the list!

Join the waiting list and I'll personally send you an email when I'm ready to launch this. Since this product is still in alpha only select users have access to it.

Psst...want access? Ben